Founded in 2013, OURS is dedicated to watercolor illustration and journal  creation. Based on the illustrations of flower series, dessert series and little forest animals, we are committed to bring the cute and dreamy watercolor illustrations into your life.

About Designer

Started from 2013, a group of friends who love illustrations gathers in a small cafe shop. Since the group has a common interest in making paper tapes, everyone agrees to carry out a paper tape creation program on the spur of the moment.


In English, the term “OURS” can be literally interpreted as “things that belong to us”. In French, the term “OURS” can be literally translated as “bear”, which make people think that a group of little and big bears gather in a forest to carry out a project design.


Team members are allowed to draw everything they like down to a notebook freely and randomly, including floral arrangement, bread baking, life decoration, or even the adorable little animals picking up their branches, leaves, or fruits. For those who love to write, we can add the design of a central post office in the forest. For those who love to read, we can add the design of a library on the tree top. With one stroke of a pen after another, we gradually create a small forest township on the paper.


Currently, we are dedicated to developing a self-owned illustration brand. By using watercolor or color pencil as a medium, the small and creative illustration team design/sell sticker stationeries (paper tapes or stickers), notebooks, and post-it notes with cute illustrations. We hope that the small and creative illustration team will continue to create even more works in the days to come!

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