Originated from Taiwan, Dimanche is a cultural & creative brand that has been collaborating with the Eslite bookstores for a long time. Considering itself as a magician, Dimanche is dedicated to developing amazing functional products. The products are very popular with hand-painted illustrations and design style.

We welcome countries from around the world to inquire about the authorization or dealership for our story books and the whole product series.

About Designer

Dimanche values the balance between group and individual very much. During the course of product design and development, we try to brainstorm as a team so that the best products can be generated from different aspects. However, during the course of actual product design and development, each series of products is completed by a single designer alone. Under this process, everyone in the team will be able to participate in the discussion of each product, improving the team’s cohesion and understanding the brand style in a comprehensive way.


Dimanche products are mainly paper-based. In addition to the visual design of the external notebook covers, we also value the functional design of the internal notebook pages. We hope that every Dimanche product can meet our customer's personal habits, so that customers who love paper-based notebook can enjoy more fun while writing.

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