Cute-Cube is a sub-brand of paper space launched in 2011. The main design spirit ”By taking nature as our teacher”, Paper space is dedicated to seeking for the original creativity and appropriate designs.

By combining paper materials with wood materials, Cute-Cube stationery series perfectly blend the paper's simplicity and the wood's durability together. The product series break away from the traditional stationery designs, and provide our customers with a refreshing sensation in terms of convenience and originality.

About Designer

Ever since 1998, PAPER-SPACE has been concerned about environmental issues such as global warming. By using honeycomb paperboard and corrugated paperboard as basic materials in making several creative paper products, PAPER-SPACE successfully draws public attentions and recognitions on natural materials from a recyclable perspective.



The development of culture & creative products fully reveals PAPER-SPACE's delicate and creative design capability. From external design to actual function, PAPER-SPACE's culture & creative products really stand out from other similar products currently sold on market. By taking eco-friendly condensed paperboard as basic material, we develop our products in a systematic way. In the future, some other metal materials will be incorporated in our original design to activate diversified development.


DIGI-TRIANGLE is a geometric block surface creation brand that accumulates more than a decade of experience in paper product development and art design capacity to formulate the latest program. With highly discernible artwork creation, DIGI-TRIANGLE currently produces the most distinctive products which are even rare and valuable among the international artist community. Such art design capacity also brings out PAPER-SPACE's value-added benefit and overall brand equity.

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