“For whom? Who am I? What to give you?”


B.H.W is an international marketing company with an originally-created brands and a collection of cutting-edge designs. Through B.H.W. selected items, customers from all around the world are able to access the original, innovative, and high-quality stationery and grocery products. Hence, we make a special effort to featured windows online every week to share different products' stories, which not only provides product information but also conveys the designers' concepts and creativeness to every corner around the world.


We also wish to find you somewhere around the world and build up a long-term collaborative relationship. We offer mixed product order that features small volume but various types. We also welcome dealers, e-commerce business operators, wholesalers, or online shop owners from Japan, America, and Australia to cooperate with us. If you're interested in our brand products, we welcome you to contact us through e-mail at your earliest convenience.